why bennett direct?

Several distinctions set Bennett Direct apart from other consulting firms serving the non profit sector:

Experience: Bennett Direct provides thoughtful and substantive 'outsourced intelligence.' With a combined fifty plus years of experience 'in field,' we pride ourselves on our ability to assimilate quickly and efficiently.

Results-Oriented: We're proud of our accomplishments and think you should be as well. In our opinion, previous performance is every indication of future success. Our best advocates are our diverse roster of clients and projects.

Original: Our firm applies creative, custom approaches to our clients' unique challenges and circumstances. We offer fresh solutions for an ever-changing market place. Leveraging our collective talent, we are able to deliver transformational outcomes of substance and relevance.

Collaborative: Even the best advice cannot guarantee successful outcomes unless the entire organizational community is fully invested in the preparation, implementation and execution of 'the plan.' Our clients' stake holders (administrators, volunteers, trustees, faculty, staff, and artists) are all partners in our work.

Data-Driven: Bennett Direct provides sound navigational advice during these unpredictable and uncertain times. We work in concert with clients to establish reliable, concrete platforms that will serve as the foundation from which critical decision making and institutional goals will be constructed.

Technology Forward: A sharpened pencil with a functioning eraser was once considered a 'modern tool.' We believe that the ever increasing burden to "do more, raise more and be more with less" can be successfully addressed through the correct application of technology. Virtual resources and web-based technologies must be an imperative for all organizations looking to connect with community and constituents.